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Migration Talks: a podcast by BIRMM

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Welcome to the podcast “Migration Talks”. This podcast presents and discusses migration research conducted by VUB and non-VUB scholars in an easily understandable language. The podcast is organised by BIRMM, in cooperation with the Jean Monnet Chair ‘Expand – Understanding Resilience in EU Justice and Home Affairs’.

Podcast 1: Receiving and accommodating refugees in European cities : what shall – and shall not – be done?

In the first episode, we discuss how refugees are received and accommodated in European cities. This is a topical issue in Brussels, which has witnessed a reception crisis. In late 2021, refugees had to sleep on the streets in front of Belgium’s biggest reception centre due to a lack of accommodation. The Belgian federal instances failed to provide more place until the city of Brussels stepped in and offered hotel rooms. This situation raises question of wider relevance: Who is responsible for welcoming and accommodating refugees? Are there differences in the ways in which this is handled across Europe?

Hannah Vermaut (BIRMM coordinator) and Florian Trauner (BIRMM co-director and JM Chairholder) welcome two VUB researchers, who are highly qualified to discuss these questions: René Kreichauf (Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research - VUB) and Louise Hantson (project researcher at BIRMM for the Whole COMM project).


Want to read more on René Kreichauf's research? 

Kreichauf, R. & Mayer, M. (2021). Negotiating urban solidarities: multiple agencies and contested meanings in the making of solidarity cities, Urban Geography, DOI: 10.1080/02723638.2021.1890953 pdf fileKreichauf & Mayer (2021).pdf (767 KB)
Kreichauf, R., Rosenberger, O. and Strobel, P. (2020). The Transformative Power of Urban Arrival Infrastructures: Berlin’s Refugio and Dong Xuan Center. Urban Planning, 5(3), 44-54. pdf fileKreichauf et al. (2020).pdf (954 KB)

Kreichauf, R. (2018). From forced migration to forced arrival: the campization of refugee accommodation in European cities. Comparative Migration Studies, 6(7), pdf fileKreichauf (2018).pdf (4.65 MB)

You can follow Louise Hantson's research on the Whole-Comm website and you can read an interview on what the Whole-Comm research project is about.