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Marijke Van Buggenhout

PhD Researcher, Criminology



Marijke Van Buggenhout is a criminologist, teaching assistant and member of the Crime and Society Research Group (CRiS) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels since 2015. She is also member of the interdisciplinary research group Voicing Youth at Social Risk (VOIC) at the VUB. In her current research under the provisional title “Inside the Asylum procedure for children”, she tries to render the asylum procedure visible by observing ‘asylum interviews’ with young asylum seekers. Further she is interested in the experiences of young asylum seekers who are subjected to these procedures and the children’s rights accorded to them. Her objectives are to gain empirical insights in asylum procedures with children and to better understand how social exclusion (or the risk of being excluded) influences participation and experiences. She is particularly interested in epistemological questions such as how to really voice and hear vulnerable groups in criminological research. She gained experience with innovative research methods such as visual narratives with her master’s dissertation “Deconstructing the Social Concept of Street Children in Durban”, awarded with the Jeanine Segers prize (Prize for best thesis in Criminology). Marijke’s research interests lie in the field of youth criminology, migration and asylum, decision making processes, child citizenship, empirical children’s rights and voicing socially excluded groups. 

Research Expertise: Migration and asylum, decision-making processes, child citizenship, children's rights, child participation, children on the move, collaborative research, migration policing, asylum interview, asylum processes

Research Methodology: Qualitative interviews, collaborative research methodologies, photovoice, participatory video


Room 4B354
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels