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Kristin Henrard

Professor, Political Science


Prof. Kristin Henrard is Professor of International Law at BSoG (and program director of the BA International and European Law). She has more than 160 publications, a substantial part of which pertain to human rights and minorities, ranging from educational rights, linguistic rights, to the prohibition of (racial) discrimination (the various dimensions of the right to equal treatment), socio-economic and political participation and religious fundamental rights. Several of her publications elaborate on the role of international courts and their legitimacy concerns (in this respect). She continuously expands her range to multi-disciplinary papers, particularly pertaining to integration, and citizenship.

Research Expertise: Human rights, minority rights, right to equal treatment, citizenship, nationality, minorities with migrant background, international courts' jurisprudence and legitimacy struggles

Research Methodology: Multidisciplinary legal


The Institute for European Studies, Pleinlaan 5, 1050 Brussels