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Jasmien Bougrine

PhD researcher, Criminology



Jasmien Bougrine holds a master's degree in Criminology (2018) and is currently working as a PhD researcher at the Crime and Society Research Group (CRiS) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB). She is also a member of the interdisciplinary research group Voicing Youth at Social Risk (VOIC). Her doctoral thesis focuses on the role of indirect contacts and social media in the way young people with a migration background perceive themselves and others. The main objectives are to gain insights in the narratives of young people who might or might not feel addressed by ethnic related discourses, to attain deeper knowledge in the lived experiences of migrant youth and to create the possibility to give them a voice. In order to reach these goals, a combination of different qualitative and visual methodologies are used. In her master thesis, Jasmien studied the self-narratives of girls in a sport for development project in Molenbeek. Because of the original and innovative ways of doing research, critical thinking, relevance for policy and creation of intercultural dialogue, she was awarded the Jeanine Segers Prize 2018 (VUB) and the Gülen Chair Award for Intercultural Studies 2019 (KUL). Jasmien's research interests include urban youth, self-narratives, diversity, everyday discrimination, identity construction, processes of framing and othering and voicing and empowering socially excluded groups.

Research Expertise: Urban youth, Migration, Diversity, Narratives, Everyday discrimination, Identity, Othering, Framing

Research Methodology: A combination of qualitative and visual methodologies like photovoice, story completion, self-portraits and focusgroups.




Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels