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Eva Swyngedouw

Postdoctoral researcher, Geography
+32 2 629 26 71


Eva Swyngedouw is a postdoctoral researcher at Cosmopolis and a guest lecturer in Urban Sociology at the ULB teaching in the Master of Urban Studies. Her research interests can be situated in the domain of urban sociology, cultural sociology, qualitative methods and migration studies. The research themes of urban diversity, identity and citizenship in cities are the common threads that run through her research. Currently, she works on a diverse array of research topics ranging from the diversity of work in the creative and cultural industries in Brussels to the phenomenon of housing evictions in Brussels. Her dissertation project was an ethnographic and interview-based study of the citizenship-making practices at immigrant reception offices in the multi-institutional and bilingual city of Brussels. Previously, she studied social interactions in the subway in Chicago and hybrid identity formation among Congolese migrants in Brussels

Research Expertise: Urban sociology, cultural sociology, qualitative methods, migration studies

Research Methodology: Qualitative interviews, ethnography, discourse analysis, mapping


Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels