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Decolonising the University

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The call by student organisations, scholars and activists to decolonise universities, including our own VUB, is growing louder.

In the recently published book 'Migration, Equality & Racism-44 Opinions', several authors denounce the current state at Belgian Universities where education is stuck in colonial, Eurocentric Research and thinking. The underrepresentation of racialised minorities among students, university personnel and top management is manifest, and university policies and practices are still insufficiently addressing (structural and institutional) racism.

BIRMM, RHEA, the VEN-network and the Race and Research Network invite you to join the discussion on how to decolonise universities and VUB in particular. On March 22 we will discuss insights on what the de-colonisation of VUB could look like and which ways we can move forward. During this evening, Christil Asamoah, Tunde Adefioye and Iman Lechkar showcase their ideas on how to foster equality for marginalised groups in the university. Their insights show how to 'do' and 'not do' decolonisation. They will be interviewed by Sofia Xavier Villafañe Santos (LASCOM), Chantelle Juanita Motsi (ASCOM) and Ange-Vanessa Nsanzineza (WeDecolonizeVUB).

We invite all VUB students and personnel to join the debate and discuss what needs to be done to decolonise the university. The evening will be closed by feedback from the Equality Team on the current initiatives to foster equality at the university.  

This activity is part of the yearly tradition to highlight the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination at VUB initiated by the Race & Research Network in 2020. 

Timing: March 22, 2021 from 17h-18h30  


Jointly organized by the VUB Equality Network, RHEA and BIRMM