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Reducing The Unsustainable Impact Of Our Online Purchases

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Bram Kin will give an interactive workshop on sustainable solutions during the Sustainability Week hosted by Green Office Maastricht. The workshop will focus on e-commerce, city logistics, last-mile deliveries and how the MAMCAsoftware can be used to include the different stakeholders in the decision-making.

For more information, have a look at the Facebook event page or the Green Office Maastricht website.

“We know that taking a plane has a negative environmental impact. But did you ever consider the impact of that nice shirt you ordered online and had conveniently delivered to your door? The impact of this delivery becomes even worse if you consider that you might not be at home and the driver has to come back a second time. On average 15% of goods ordered online is returned. The unsustainable impact of home deliveries is underestimated. Even more if you also take into account other external effects such as accidents, noise nuisance and the economic cost of traffic jams. More sustainable options to these home deliveries are available but not yet widely implemented because of ingrained behaviour of stakeholders: companies like Zalando and Amazon, parcel delivery companies, local authorities who regulate the areas we live in, and above all, we as consumers.

In this interactive workshop you will get in the seat of different stakeholders to tackle this issue and contribute to the sustainability of our livelihoods. To this end, the multi-actor multi-criteria analysis (MAMCA) is used. The workshop is given by Bram Kin, researcher Sustainable City Logistics at the MOBI Research Centre of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

If available, please bring your own laptop to the workshop.”