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Energies: 10th Anniversary THEMA 2

  • 6 april 2018

A MOBI paper is amongst the winners of the 10th Anniversary Best Paper Awards, an MDPI initiative set up to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Energies and to acknowledge authors’ continued support. The winners were selected based on the total number of cites from web of science until 1 January 2018.

Prof. dr. ir. Noshin Omar, Mohamed Daowd, prof. dr. ir. Peter van den Bosscheprof. dr. ir. Omar Hegazydr. ir. Jelle Smekensprof. dr. ir. Thierry Coosemans and prof. dr. ir. Joeri van Mierlo are awarded the Energiescertificate for their paper Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles-Assessment of Electrical Characteristics

You can find all the winning papers and awarded authors here.