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Rose-Lima Van Keer

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Medicine and Pharmacy


Rose-Lima Van Keer, PhD,  holds a Master’s degree in Sociology, a Master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology (option: Migration, Minorities and Multiculturalism) and a PhD degree in Social Health Sciences. From 2011 until 2013 she worked as a teacher in a multi-ethnic high school in Brussels, Atheneum Anderlecht. At this school she was also responsible for the development and implementation of the truancy policy, in the context of a subsidized pilot project of the Brussel Capital Region (PPS: Programma Preventie Schoolverzuim). In 2013 she started working at the Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Group (MENT) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. At MENT she wrote her doctoral thesis about communication and decision making in critical medical situations in hospital within the context of an increasingly multi-ethnic patient population. Her PhD research was supported by the Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek-Vlaanderen (FWO). She obtained her PhD degree in 2019. Currently she is involved as a researcher in the IGenCare study, an interuniversity study (VUB-ULB) about healthcare delivery to patients with rare genetic diseases. This study is sponsored by Innoviris. She is also a member of the Workgroup Diversity of Kom Op Tegen Kanker.


VUB Brussels Health Campus, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Department of Public Health (GEWE)
Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Group (MENT)